This section is planned to show all changes to smaller operators' routes in Hereford and Worcester from just pre-deregulation (Summer 1986) until the end of the County (March 1999).  I am slowly improving the format of the section by reformatting each alphabetical section.

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Abbey Cars (Gillanders) of Abbeydore

441 (Clodock - Hereford via Longtown, Craswall, Michaelchurch Escley, Bob Shop, Gilfach, Bacton, Cockyard, Thruxton and Allensmore, W)

2 September 1997 : Gained from Yeomans Canyon Travel

442 (Ewyas Harold - Abergavenny via Lower Maescoed, The Bryn, Longtown, Clodock and Pandy, T)

2 September 1997 : Gained from Yeomans Canyon Travel

Abbey Mini Bus Hire of Tewkesbury

375 (Strensham - Ripple - Tewkesbury, W)

31 May 1990 : Acquired from Smiths of Ledbury from and curtailed to commence at Baughton (Stores).

2 December 1991 : Surrendered after operation on, being acquired by N N Cresswell.

Phil Anslow Travel of Blaenavon

416 (Hereford - Wormelow - St Weonards - Welsh Newton - Monmouth, NSu)

2 January 1993 : Won from Midland Red West. Off-peak journeys diverted via Haywood and Much Dewchurch between Hereford and Wormelow.

2 April 1994 : Extended to Abergavenny via Raglan.

24 February 1996 : One TF journey in each direction diverted via Llanarth, between Raglan and Abergavenny

22 February 1997 : Curtailed at Monmouth, the section between Monmouth and Hereford being lost to H & H Coaches. No longer operates in H & W.

Anthony's Coaches of Stratford-upon-Avon

X28 Stratford - Wilmcote - Alnes - Alcester - Littlewood Green - Redditch (Th)

7 October 1989 : New service started under contract to Warwickshire C.C.

3 January 1991 : Transferred to Brimms on retendering

Astons Coaches (T. Halford) of Kempsey :

Pershore (Plum Tree) - Pershore (Rail Station) via Broad Street, Station Road ("Pershore Commuter Link") (M-F pks)

23 February 1987 : Commenced.

22 August 1987 : Withdrawn due to lack of patronage.

Hereford - Worcester College of Higher Education via Storridge

5 January 1998 : College service made public.

Lea Castle - Worcester College of Higher Education via Kidderminster

5 January 1998 : College service made public.

Redditch - Worcester College of Higher Education

5 January 1998 : College service made public.

382 (Worcester - Littleworth - Defford - Eckington - Tewkesbury (NSu) )

26 January 1987 : Acquired from Hardings Coaches. 1 jny in each direction via Pershore Town Centre.

1 April 1989 : Revised on retendering. Eckington - Tewkesbury section withdrawn, being replaced by Midland Red West, some journeys extended from Eckington to Pershore(NSu) with a deviation via Birlingham on WF.

1991 approx : Diverted in Defford Village and also via the St Peter the Great development in Worcester.

30 October 1991 :Certain journeys deviate via The Close at Eckington on request on Wednesdays and Fridays.

21 April 1992 : Revised and diverted via the Plum Tree at Pershore.

25 February 1995 : Diverted via Wadborough village.

392 (Croome Court - Kerswell Green - Pirton - Stonehall Common - Hatfield - Worcester, T)

21 April 1992 : Experimental services commenced

28 September 1993 : Withdrawn without replacement.

528 (Evesham - Worcester, WF eves) Bingo service

4 September 1996 : Renumbered from 982 and rerouted to omit Fairfield (Evesham) and Fladbury, and via Whittington on the outskirts of Worcester. Worcester Bus Station is now also served on the inward journey.

25 February 1998 : Reduced to F only, as a consequence of falling demand. The service also now diverts via Shrubbery Road in Drakes Broughton, and a return facility is added from Evesham at 2225.

549 (Whittington Village - Worcester, F)

3 March 1995 : Experimental service commenced, serving parts of the village away from the main road.

572 (Kempsey, Court Garth - Kerswell Green - Pirton - Wadborough - Besford - Ramsden - Pershore, F)

24 April 1992 : Experimental services commenced

29 January 1993 : Ceased after operation on this date and taken over in revised form by the Pershore Community Bus.

804 (Stourbridge - Pershore Horticultural College via Kidderminster, Bewdley and Stourport, College Days)

22 Sept 1997 : College service registered.

818 (Fairfield - Stourbridge College, College days)

3 March 1997 : Sections of a college contract registered

837 (Warndon, Virgin Tavern - Nunnery Wood High School via Glover's Needle, Woodgreen and Ronkswood) Schooldays

8 September 1992 : Experimental service commenced.

845 (Malvern Link - Hindlip, Worcester College of Agriculture via Powick, Dines Green, Worcester Shrub Hill and Warndon)

25 November 1996 : College contract service made available to the general public

Summer term 1997 : Lost to Midland Red West.

933 (Worcester Dial-a-Ride Services)

9 March 1994 : Dial-a-Ride service in the City of Worcester operated as "Worcester Wheels" started, available 1000 - 1400 hrs on Wednesdays and Fridays, concentration being given to the St. Johns, Warndon and Ronkswood areas although the service as a registered local bus service can operate anywhere within Worcester City, for passengers with disability or mobility problems on a pre-booked basis.

23 September 1994 : Ceased, being replaced by a Dial-a-Ride service operated by a voluntary sector organisation with a non-p.s.v.

982 (Pershore - Littleworth - Worcester, WFSu eves) Bingo service

March 1993 : Apparently extended back via Cropthorne and Fladbury to start at Evesham.

4 September 1996 : Renumbered 528

X19 (Hereford - Worcester St. Johns via Storridge, College days).

3 March 1997 : Sections of a college contract registered

X46 (Worcester - Birmingham via Droitwich, Kings Norton, Balsall Heath and Digbeth, M-F pks) (Pershore College of Horticulture terms only),

28 October 1996 : commenced.