This section is planned to show all changes to smaller operators' routes in Hereford and Worcester from just pre-deregulation (Summer 1986) until the end of the County (March 1999).  I am slowly improving the format of the section by reformatting each alphabetical section.

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Newbury Coaches (Powell) of Ledbury

Wellington Heath (Pegs Farm) - Bosbury - Ledbury (Returns via Colwall Green & Coddington) (Sch)

3 September 1986 : Morning jny gained from Smiths

26 October 1986 : Afternoon made available to public.

27 April 1987 : Only serves Marley Hall on request.

20 March 1989 : Deregistered and continues as a school contract only.

Ledbury - Eastnor - Rye Cross - Eldersfield (TF)

3 June 1986 : Gained from Smiths Motors

June 1987 : Positioning journeys withdrawn.

26 May 1989 : Lost to Smiths Motors

476 (Deer Park Estate - Ledbury Junior School, Sch)

5 January 1993 : Morning journey taken over from D R M Coaches

479 (Ledbury - Much Marcle School, Sch)

24 February 1997 : Registered

672 (Canon Frome (Grain Dryer) - Upper Egleton - Newtown - Trumpet - Ledbury, F)

22 May 1987 : New service commenced.

6 August 1987 : Extended back to start at Castle Frome (Church)

25 September 1987 : Amended so that journeys in both directions work clockwise round the loop from Stretton Grandison via Newtown Cross Roads and Upper Egleton back to Stretton Grandison.

2 April 1993 : Amended following the withdrawal of Morris's Coaches 956, now starts at Ashperton, running via Newtown, Upper Egleton, Stretton Grandison, Canon Frome, Bishop's Frome, Castle Frome and Bosbury to Ledbury. The return journey runs as a circular, continuing from Ashperton via Trumpet to Ledbury.

9 September 1994 : Lost to Bromyard Omnibus Company

674 (Ledbury - Wellington Heath - Ochre Hill - Ledbury) (TF)

4 April 1989 : Experimental service commenced .

23 April 1994 : Increased to NSu

24 February 1997 : School service (Storridge - Mathon - Old Colwall - Wellington Heath - Ledbury) registered, replacing operation by George Young's Coaches.

675 (Ledbury - Colwall - Wyche - West Malvern - Great Malvern, NSu)

Some jnys omit West Malvern, Sch jnys via Petty Franche

2 June 1986 : Gained from Midland Red West

22 September 1986 : Morning Sch journey via Petty France further diverted via Wellington Heath

26 October 1986 : Some journeys extended to/from Great Malvern Railway Station, S service reduced.

26 January 1987 : 0750M-F jny ex Ledbury diverted via West Malvern.

1 April 1989 : Revised and extended to Malvern Wells (British Camp in summer) in the off-peak, replacing Midland Red West services.

29 October 1990 : Journeys diverted via Ledbury Junior School.

29 August 1992 : Revised, with British Camp being served throughout the year rather than Summer only. A competitive service on the route was commenced by Smiths of Ledbury.

24 February 1996 : Peak hour journeys lost to Smith's Motors, leaving Newbury with just the commercial off-peak service.

678 (Ledbury - Newent - Gloucester, NSu)

4 November 1985 : Journeys diverted via Watery Lane School, Newent

1989 : No longer serves Ledbury Station on request due to difficulties in routeing following traffic management measures.

3 August 1991 : Revised. Journeys now serve Highnam Estate, whilst Saturday journeys now divert between Dymock and Ledbury via Ryton, Bromsberrow Heath, Redmarley, Playley Green and Bromsberrow, with one journey also diverting between Newent and Dymock via Four Oaks, Kempley Green and Kempley.

18 January 1992 : Diversions on Saturdays via Kempley and Bromsberrow, introduced in August 1991, withdrawn again

23 April 1994 : Revised. Some journeys diverted via the Glebe Estate in Newent, and one extra round trip provided Monday to Friday. This operator appears to have been left out of an arrangement by Bennetts and Red & White to co-ordinate services on the Newent - Glocuester corridor.

25 September 1995 : Amended to absorb some of the service of Bennetts of Gloucester. Service diverted via Deer Park Estate in Ledbury on certain journeys, also one Wednesday journey each way via Upleadon and most journeys omit Windcross.

13 May 1996 : Deviations via Glebe Estate in Newent deleted

679 (Ledbury - Bromsberrow Heath Circular, TF)

June 1987 : Direction of all journeys reversed.

3 November 1995 : Friday service amended to operate via Lowbands and Playley Green be- tween Bromsberrow Heath and Bromsberrow Place.

686 (Ledbury - Rye Cross - Castlemorton - Welland - Upton, W)

4 June 1986 : Lost to Smiths Motors

2 September 1992 : Won from Tudor Coaches

1 September 1993 : Diverted via The Hook between Welland and Tunnel Hill.

28 August 1996 : Withdrawn without direct replacement. 378, now operated by Smiths, was diverted through the villages off the main Castlemorton road, providing a service to Malvern on Fridays.

880 (Cradley - Ledbury John Masefeild School via Mathon and Broad Oak, Sch)

4 January 1996 : Gained from Smiths and re-registered from 15 January 1996.

890 (West Malvern - Chase High School, Sch)

5 September 1995 : Started. Dyson Perrins School is served in the morning only (Smiths run a commercial afternoon return service).

3 September 1996 : Extended back to start at Ledbury, the deviation via Dyson Perrins School being withdrawn.

20 January 1997 : Lost to Jones Bros.

G E Nicholls of Broad Oak : 81 (Garway - Sellack - Ross, S) was transferred to H&H Coaches from 14 October 1995.

Hereford (Commercial Street) - Belmont Estate

16/3/88 : New service running via Broad Street, Bridge Street, Belmont Road, The Oval, Charlton Avenue, Waterfield Road, Southholme Road and Abbotsmead Road to terminate via a loop working in Whitefriars Road. Every 20 minutes Monday to Saturday daytime, with some journeys omitted on Schooldays. The service competes with Midland Red West be- tween the City and Waterfield Road

23/4/ 88 : Service shadowed by a new Midland Red West midibus service.

Mid/7/88 : Amended to terminate in the Newton Farm Estate via the normal Midland Red West routeing. The registered date for the change was 14 July 1988, although it may have occurred 1 day earlier.

30 November 1988 : Frequency increased to every 15 minutes from operating to and from Tesco's via Greyfriars Bridge, the first stop from City being in Belmont Road. An evening bus timed for bingo also added.

12/8/89 : Withdrawn after operation on this date, although Yeomans had operated the service "on hire" for a period.

Orion Travel (South) of Hereford

Hunderton Schools - Newton Farm Estate (Sch)

6/9/88 : Commenced, replacing extra journeys run by Midland Red West.

13/8/89 : Taken over by Yeomans