This section is planned to show all changes to smaller operators' routes in Hereford and Worcester from just pre-deregulation (Summer 1986) until the end of the County (March 1999).  I am slowly improving the format of the section by reformatting each alphabetical section.

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Tame Valley Travel of Birmingham : The majority of 175 (Wythall - Maypole - Shirley - Solihull, M-F) was acquired from Caves from 1 September 1990. The 172 variant was discon- tinued and a new 172 introduced consisting of placing journeys Birmingham - Cotteridge - Kings Norton - Maypole - Wythall, M-F. Also introduced

on 1 September was 145 (Birmingham - Rednal - Barnt Green - Bromsgrove, NSu) acquired from Midland Red West. 145 (Birmingham - Barnt Green - Bromsgrove, NSu) was taken by Careline from 15 July 1991. Tame Valley Travel of Birmingham : 172 (Wythall - Maypole - Birmingham, NSu) was curtailed from 2 August 1991, becoming effectively a short-working of 175 between Wythall and Maypole only. 173 (Earlswood - Solihull, M-F) was gained from Caves on retendering from 30 August 1991. The Wednesday only extension from Pickwick was withdrawn. This company ceased operating after 23 March 1992, and services 172/5 (Wythall - Solihull, M-F) passed to Cave's. For the sake of completeness, it should be noted that 173 (Solihull - Earlswood, M-F) passed to West Midlands Travel from 24 March 1992, later being gained by Rover Coaches.

Teme Valley Motors (Griffiths) of Leintwardine :

Ludlow - Knighton via Leintwardine

30 August 1986 : Reduced following award of contract to Midland Red West

25 October 1986 : Ceased

499 Leominster - Leintwardine (M-F) :

3 August 1987 : Contract renewed. Morning peak journey continued, together with evening peak journey via Eardisland, Pembridge, Shobdon and Mortimers Cross. 1545Sch journey discontinued, F off-peak service gained by Primrose.

496 (Leominster - Shobdon, Sch) and 499 (Leominster - Leintwardine, Sch Hols) were with- drawn after 6 April 1990, leaving no peak hour service between Leominster and Leintwardine.

735 (Leintwardine - Ludlow via Upper Kinsham, Lingen, Wigmore, Leinthall Starkes and Burrington Village Turn) is a new Schooldays only service from 2 March 1992. The service also incorporates a positioning journey between Ludlow and Leintwardine via the main road.

735 (Leintwardine - Wigmore - Ludlow, Sch) was extended back to start at Presteigne from 5 September 1995. 735 (Lingen - Ludlow, Sch) was revised from 2 September 1996 to run from Presteigne via Combe, Shobdon, Wigmore and Leinthall Starkes to Ludlow. 802 (Leintwardine - Hereford, Coll) and 735(Presteigne - Ludlow, Coll) were lost to Lugg Valley with effect from 2 September 1997. 735 (Presteigne - Ludlow via Combe, Shobdon, Wigmore, Leinthall Starkes and Elton, Sch) and 802 (Leintwardine - Hereford via Wigmore, Kingsland, Knapton Green and Canon Pyon) were lost to Lugg Valley with effect from 1 September 1997.

Town and District (North Warwickshire Travel Ltd.) of Birmingham : An experimental Satur- day service was added to Caves 175 (Wythall - Solihull via Grimes Hill, Truemans Heath, Maypole, Majors Green and Shirley from 6 January 1996.

Travel by Dixons of Stourport :

Far Forest School -> Heightington via Rock, Bliss Gate (Sch)

8/9/87: Acquired from Midland Red West. Single journey at 1500.

Tudor Coaches (Wood) of Ledbury :

Tarrington - Putley - Little Marcle - Ledbury (T)

1 July 1986 : Increased to TS, incorporating Dean Forest Coaches service

Much Marcle - Cliffords Mesne - Gloucester (TF)

26 October 1986 : Gained from Smiths Motors, extended back to start Ledbury and diverted via centre of Newent.

686 (Ledbury -Upton-upon-Severn via Eastnor, Rye Cross, Castlemorton, Welland (W) was acquired from Smiths Motors from 31 May 1989, following tendering. Tarrington - Putley -Ledbury (TS) was withdrawn after operation on 27 June 1989, passing to Smiths Motors fol- lowing retendering. 686 (Ledbury - Welland - Upton) (W) was diverted at Welland Cross to double-run to and from The Avenue from 3 January 1990. 479 (Tarrington - Putley - Much Marcle - Ledbury, TS) and 671 (Eldersfield - Ledbury, TF) were acquired from Smiths Motors from 4 September 1990 following the surrender of contracts because of driver shortage. Tu- dor Coaches (Wood) of Ledbury : 671 (Eldersfield - Ledbury, TF) was diverted via Netherley Lane at Pendock from 6 August 1991. 686 (Ledbury - Rye Cross - Castlemorton - Welland - Upton, W) was won by Newbury Coaches from 2 September 1992. 859 (Ledbury, Full Pitcher - Newent School via Preston Cross, Windcross, Knights Green, Brooms Green, Ryton, Bromsberrow Heath, Dymock and Botloes Green Turn, Sch) commenced on 11 April 1994. 677 (Ledbury - Gloucester, TF) was extended back to serve the Deer Park Estate in Ledbury from 27 June 1994. The Friday journeys on 671 (Eldersfield - Ledbury, TF) were amended from 8 September 1995 to start at Sledge Green instead, omit- ting Eldersfield and Pendock and being renumbered 671. 677 (Ledbury - Gloucester) was diverted via Lower Road in Ledbury rather than Woodleigh Road from 28 September 1995, following a traffic order. Schools service 859 (Ledbury - Newent School via Bromsberrow Heath) has been lost to Smiths from 30 October 1995. 679 (Ledbury - Gloucester, TF) was reduced to F only from 18 October 1996. Ledbury - Gloucester (F) was reinstated to TF operation again from 15 April 1997 677 (Ledbury - Gloucester, TF) was passed to Young's Coaches from 7 October 1997 consequent upon Tudor ceasing to trade.